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The Secret History of Twin Peaks Reviewed in the National Post

From the review:

D.B., we learn, stands for Denver Bob. A hundred years after the prospector goes missing, Twin Peaks resident Laura Palmer is murdered by someone she calls BOB in her diary. BOB, it turns out, is a spirit from the Black Lodge who has taken over the body of Laura’s father, Leland. Furthermore, the initials D.B. also belong to a real-world legend from the Pacific Northwest: D.B. Cooper, who famously disappeared out the side of a plane at cruising altitude in the 1970s, and whose first initial and last name David Lynch borrowed to name the character Dale Cooper, the FBI agent who investigated the death of Laura Palmer. The very same Dale Cooper who was last seen in the Twin Peaks finale smashing his head into a mirror after being possessed by BOB.

This combination of inspiration, coincidence, fiction, and reality is exactly the sort of thing that has made the in-world mythology of Twin Peaks so enduring. There are mysteries everywhere, and everything could be a clue or a sign.

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