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Review: No Safeguards, H. Nigel Thomas

After overhearing Ma Kirton fighting with her daughter early on in No Safeguards (H. Nigel Thomas, Guernica Editions), a neighbour comes over and advises, “We the older heads know the cliff. We mustn’t let the young ones run carelessly and fall over it.” The daughter, Anna, has quit her education and fallen in with a deeply religious crowd. Her mother can see through their devotion; she knows the dangers that cult-like devotion to religion can lead to, but nothing she says can steer her daughter away. Some four decades later, Anna has lived her mistakes. She has fled her home in St. Grenadine and her marriage with an abusive zealot, claimed refugee status in Canada, and brought her two sons to live with her. She now lies dying, her oldest son Jay by her side, narrating the story, and willing his younger brother Paul to come back to his family.

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